Hey Y'all!

I hope you enjoy my very first music video to "Too Much Water, Not Enough Rain". 


In 2011,  I was driving my little beat up silver Hyndai Sonata, to visit my sister, Leigha, in Rayne, LA.  My dad called and said, "Hey! You need to write a song called, 'Too Much Water, Not Enough Rain.'" At the time,  I was sort of unaware of the flooding situation happening.  He said there was a drought, farmers had been praying for rain for weeks, and the Mississippi River was swelling due to the melting snow and rain in the Mississippi River Valley, which channels down through Morganza.  The US Corp of Engineers were watching the river closely to see if they would have to open the Morganza spillway control structure to relieve the pressure on the levees and lower the river level.  When the Spillway opens, it floods 25,000 acres of cropland beginning in Pointe Coupee Parish and ending in St. Mary Parish. 


The Corp of Engineers did end up opening the spillway that year, and on the way to my sisters, in my little sliver car, I wrote this song on the back of a receipt.  I happened to have my guitar with me so when I arrived at my sisters, I wrote the melody to this song. 


I decided to record this song first because of this year's (2019) similar flooding events.  This song is dedicated to all the farmers who lost their crops and land due to flooding this year and to anyone who has suffered through any kind of flood event. 


I am honored that in June 2019, the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation is debuted this song at their annual conference in New Orleans, LA.   I couldn't be more honored and grateful for that opportunity!  I hope you enjoy!


A special thanks to JT Studios for all the time, work and patience he put in this project.  He made my first time in the studio a blast, and I can't wait to record more songs with JT Studios!  This song is not finished; we want to make it even better!  If you would like to receive this version of the .mp3 downloadable file, please send me a donation in any amount! Click here for my donation page. 


With love, 

Taylor Frey