Hey Y'all!


I am excited to share with you the studio recording I completed for my second release, "Roots Run Deep".  I made a music video to go with it to share a few favorite memories (in picture form) with you. All of the home video was recorded by my mom.

I wrote "Roots Run Deep" in 2018.  Prior to writing it, I was in a season of writer's block.  I hadn't written a song a year that I wanted to share with anyone. Then, while washing dishes one day, the desire to write came back. So I picked up my guitar and started writing "Roots Run Deep". While I was writing the chorus, my phone rang. It was a family friend who wanted to hire me to produce a video for my family's farm, Four Oaks. He told me I had a week to produce it and he wanted me to use my own music in the video. At that point I hadn't written a song that fit what he was asking me to do, so I knew I needed to write something that related to the farm. But when I hung up the phone, I remembered the chorus I was working on right before he called.  The chorus said,


It took years of shedding tears, sweat and blood

with callused hands and a willing heart

raising kids and working way past dark

Lord, you see, these roots run deep


I knew it was a God thing that Chad called me that day, and I was inspired to write this song. I feel so fortunate that I've gotten to record it and share it with you.


This song means so much to me.  I have watched my family live the words in this song.  I got to see my grandpa work, love, and give, despite loosing his wife, my Maw Maw, at an early age.  I saw my dad and my uncles work together my whole life.  I saw my mom and my aunts do taxes, payroll and office work.  I got to play in the crawfish ponds, ride horses in the bean fields, and fall asleep on a tractor more times than I can count. The farm's office felt like my other home. This was life to me, and I loved it.


I hope that even if you weren't raised on a farm, you can relate to this song and remember your roots.


A special thanks to Jonathan Treeby with JT Studios for recording this song, as well as my previous (and first release), "Too Much Water, Not Enough Rain." He is an absolute joy to work with and is so supportive of my vision for music.


I couldn't have made this video without my friend Rachel Boster with Infinity Designs for filming the band footage under the big oak. She nailed it!


I also have to give credit to my mother who was religious about documenting our childhood and the farm's progress. All of this footage is real-life footage of the farm and us growing up. Thank you mom, Shawn Frey, for documenting all of this.

Also the studio muscians who brought this song to life: James McCann on acoustic guitar and dobro, Joel Wilson on mandolin and fiddle, and Nathan Lambertson on upright bass. In the video, Stephen Herbert on fiddle, Dave Guilliam on fiddle, James McCann on dobro and fiddle, and Nelson Williams on upright bass. 

If you want to learn more about my family's farm, check out our Facebook page, Four Oaks Farm Quality Crawfish.  Crawfish season is comin' up, y'all. Contact my mom and she'll hook you up with the cleanest crawfish in town with the biggest claws you've ever seen. Go getcha some! 225-718-3221


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With love,